A Deep Dive Into Era7: Game Of Truth, a Play-To-Earn NFT Trading Card Game

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6 min readNov 26, 2021

Era7’s ‘Game Of Truth’ joins GameFi and offers players mildly competitive entertainment that provides an avenue to earn.

Blockchain technology is quickly redefining the gaming industry by introducing an economic incentive model. Presently, the metaverse is an industry estimated to be valued at a USD 300 bn market cap by 2025. As the industry continues to expand, play-to-earn games like Era7 have taken center stage, bringing new and interesting innovations to the gaming sector.

Era7 is a gaming platform built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) that blends TCG (trading card gaming) with fast-paced competitive gameplay while incorporating NFT-themed play-to-earn features.

With GameFi and the NFT-powered economy at the heart of Era7’s product offering, the project intends to push innovation even further, allowing players to experience the euphoria of gameplay and benefit from the economic value that GameFi offers.

Meet the Team and High-Profile Industry Backers

Members of the Era7 core team come from well-known international Korean game companies such as Com2uS, NCsoft, Nexon, and Netmarble, all of which have more than 15 years’ history in the traditional mobile and online video gaming industry.

So far Era7 has received strategic investment and backing from renowned VCs, industry heavyweights, and institutions in the blockchain industry, including Hashkey, Huobi Ventures, Okcoin, Binary Capital, DAG, Waterdrip, Dreamseeker, BTC12, Tembusu, and Mobox. Era7 backers and partners are strategically aligned with the vision and mission of the gaming platform, bringing industry experience and the valuable connections necessary to position Era7 as a cutting-edge NFT-powered trading card gaming platform.

Game of Truth: The Backstory

Era7’s artistic inspiration comes from TCGs like Hearthstone and Magic: The Gathering.

The Game of Truth plot revolves around seven races on the Continent of Truth who compete for the title of “King of Truth.” Amongst the races are groups of specially gifted individuals who are sent to attend Summoner Academy to undergo rigorous training where they graduate to become Summoners. Upon graduation, they travel the world to make Summoning Pacts with the most powerful amongst the seven races, to establish strong allies in order to consolidate their power.

Since ancient times, throughout the year, battles amongst the Summoners have been held in the heart of the Continent. These Summoning Battles attract Summoners from all over the world who battle for the “King of Truth” title. The winner is crowned King of the Continent, and he and his race are awarded the highest honors in the land.

Elaine, Mother of Light, a Game of Truth NFT Master Card

Game of Truth: The Trading Cards

There are 1,000 exquisitely crafted cards in total — Master Cards for summoning and other functionalities and Battle Cards for combat gameplay. The cards all have unique values and attributes, allowing players to create a wide range of card combination strategies.

The fact that there are so many cards with different attributes allows the game to be random, providing endless possibilities for each battle. The large and well-designed card system is underpinned by a well-developed numerical system that supports innovative gameplay.

There is a rating system which categorizes the cards into 4 ranks — Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. The unique Master Cards and Battle Cards, which are also NFT collectibles, can be traded. The Battle Cards serve as the foundation for combat gameplay — before they can begin fighting, players must have at least 30 Battle Cards.

Game of Truth: The Gameplay

The Game of Truth is a three-minute battle game designed to utilize strategic thinking to help players increase their competitive advantage, evolve strategically while they play, dive into the adventure of a lifetime and connect with like-minded gamers worldwide.

The NFT-based trading card gaming platform aims to become the gamer’s choice by offering mildly competitive and fast-paced gaming. Using their Master Cards, players can summon Battle Cards to fight within various categories of competitions, such as PVP (player-versus-player), PVE (player-versus-environment), Daily or Weekly Quests, Real-Time Tournaments and fast-paced Championships. Ranking games and World Cup games, as well as other gaming activities like placing bets are being planned. Players will be able to obtain valuable tokens as well as NFT incentives during the game battles.

Game of Truth: an NFT-powered Play-To-Earn Economy

According to Era7, their first NFT sale is planned for December 20th, 2021, with Master Card and Blind Box containing different card highlights. To get the most up-to-date news and developments on this highly anticipated NFT sale, both players and investors should follow Era7 on Twitter and Telegram.

Using the GameFi model, Game of Truth empowers ordinary game players to reap extraordinary economic benefits. Era7 is built around NFT concepts like play-to-earn gamification, rewarding players for winning battles.

Both the Era token and the GOT token power the Era7 gaming economy. GOT tokens can be earned by participating in PVP and PVE and can also be purchased with Era tokens. Era tokens can also be used to purchase Master Cards, Battle Cards and NFT mystery boxes, as well as other in-game functionalities like purchasing land, or to get more community rights when participating in governance voting. It is also the token which will be tradable on exchanges for other cryptocurrencies.

If a player wins a PVP battle game, he will receive GOT tokens and a PVP rank. A higher rating will also allow players to earn more GOT tokens during battle. Rewards will be paid out on a daily/monthly basis.

With an incentivized gaming economic model, blockchain is redefining what we know to be the conventional gaming model, giving gamers the ability to earn passively while getting entertained.

Also, players will have ownership of their in-game digital items and collectibles which in most cases have a real-world monetary value attached to them, unlike in traditional gaming platforms.

More than half of the one billion Era tokens issued will be utilized for in-game rewards. In-game event incentives, participation in daily PVP and other tournaments, land pledges, and marketplace transactions will be some of the many avenues players will be able to accrue Era tokens.

How Era7 Fits into the Contemporary Global Gaming Ecosystem

The global Collectible Card Game market size is fast-growing at break-neck speeds and is expected to reach US$ 27.2 billion by the end of 2026. Despite this astonishing growth, this is only a fraction of the global gaming market, which currently sits at US$175.8 billion. The fast-growing pace of the Collectible Card Game market increases the growth prospect of TCG-based games like Era7 which brings a more innovative approach by leveraging the power of blockchain to provide Play-to-Earn features to gaming.

Even before incorporating NFTs into its gaming structure, Era7 had established a strong presence in the industry, attracting a huge number of Southeast Asian players and amassing a traditional gaming user base of more than 10 million. With an NFT-powered play2earn economy now added into its gaming structure, Era7 has the potential to outgrow and surpass traditional trading card games.

You can learn more about Era7: Game of Truth from its official Website, follow the project on Twitter and join the conversation on Telegram or Discord.