ABGA to Co-Host “Web3+2024 in Vietnam: The New Era of GameFi” Global Summit

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3 min readMay 28, 2024


Singapore, May 28, 2024 — On June 8th, the global summit “Web3+2024 in Vietnam: The New Era of GameFi” will be hosted in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Hosted by Websea Labs and co-hosted by Meta Heaven, ABGA, and ChainCatcher, the event aims to provide a chance for global Web3 professionals, investors, and GameFi participants to deeply discuss industry trends and the future of GameFi.

The event will bring together numerous industry experts and top investors, including representatives from public chains like SUI, SEI, Klaytn, Zetachain, and Conflux, as well as investment specialists from Web3port, MT Capital, Kyros Ventures, and Comma3 Ventures. Additionally, renowned GameFi accelerators, platforms, and guilds such as ABGA, Aura, Degame, Zentry, and W3GG will participate. They will share their experiences and insights on driving the growth of the GameFi ecosystem.

Project First Launch: Meta Heaven

The innovative GameFi project Meta Heaven, incubated by Websea Labs, will be showcased at the conference. Meta Heaven features a self-sustaining in-game circular market, a healthy economic model, and a unique player cultivation system that enhances user engagement. The conference will mark the first public introduction of Meta Heaven’s original mechanisms and distinctive features to the industry.

Panel Topics

Panel 1: The Future of Public Chains and GameFi Integration: Hosted by Conflux, this session brings together representatives from Conflux, SUI, SEI, Zetachain, Klaytn, and other public chains to discuss the roles and challenges of public blockchains in supporting the development of the GameFi ecosystem.

Panel 2: Capital Markets’ View on GameFi and Investment Strategies: Hosted by OKX Ventures, this session will feature discussions among representatives from Web3port, MT Capital, Kyros Ventures, Comma3, and others. They will explore how professionals evaluate the potential and risks of GameFi projects, along with current investment trends.

Panel 3: The Influence and Business Models of GameFi Ecosystem Players: Representatives from GuildFi, Aura, and other platforms will discuss how they collaborate to drive the growth of the GameFi ecosystem and their role in promoting player engagement.

Event linkhttps://lu.ma/9fcl55fb

About Websea Labs

Websea Labs is dedicated to evaluating and developing blockchain technology, popular application scenarios, and investing in startups. We particularly focus on identifying and supporting innovative startups in the GameFi field, accelerating their growth.

Websea Labs cordially invites Web3 professionals, industry experts, and all friends passionate about the Web3 world to join this unprecedented exploration journey and collectively embark on a new chapter of Web3.0.

About Meta Heaven

​Meta Heaven, as the first Web3 game incubated by WebSea Labs, combines traditional farming, ranching, and mining with the advantages of blockchain technology, introducing a new dimension to GameFi. Meta Heaven has designed a self-sufficient in-game loop market with a healthy economic model. A new player nurturing system creates good user stickiness, while plug-and-play technology modules lay the foundation for a Web3 game distribution platform, supporting game manufacturers and developers in building sustainable gaming platforms.

About ABGA

ABGA is a groundbreaking club centered around Web3 games, supported by prominent institutions in the Web3 industry. By integrating the collective strength of the Asian gaming industry, ABGA is dedicated to shaping a promising future for the global Web3 gaming arena.

About ChainCatcher

ChainCatcher is a leading Web3 media and data service provider, recognized by numerous professionals in the Web3 world for its cutting-edge and in-depth content, becoming one of the prime sources of information for an increasing number of investors, practitioners, and developers.