Blockchain-Verified Signal Trading App Cryfi Drops Founder Pass NFTs, Only Available for a Short Time

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2 min readMay 5, 2024

Last few hours to participate in Cryfi’s INO on TrustFi for their Founder Pass NFTs. The most exclusive perks on the Cryfi platform for early supporters.

Update: Only a limited number of Cryfi’s Founder Pass NFTs are on sale now here:

What is Cryfi

Cryfi is a marketplace where pro traders can monetize their knowledge right from Telegram, and newbies can earn & learn from blockchain-verified traders. Providing Signals Trading which offers more than mere copy trading, Cryfi allows traders to also modify and adjust their signal positions. Version 1 currently automates these trades to Binance with more CEXs and DEXs to be added in later versions. Cryfi envisions cleaning the trading world of scammers with their focus on Proof-of-Signal verifications on the blockchain.

V1 is LIVE! Try it out:

About the Founder Pass NFTs

Cryfi is offering exclusive perks on their platform to early Cryfi supporters through a limited edition utility NFT collection with plenty of benefits for purchasers, not available at later stages.

  • Immutable & verifiable trading history of every Signal Provider via Proof-of-Signal
  • Easy to get started: Join Cryfi as signals follower or Signal Provider in under 5 minutes.
  • Secure payment and signal channel management
  • Execute signals on CEX or DEX in seconds right from Telegram

Most Updated Info can be found here:

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