Graffiti Racer, a new PlayMining GameFi Offering, is Poised to attract Casual Gamers

‘Coloring + Racing’ game lets players color in their own NFT characters and race them.

“Graffiti Racer’s combination of coloring plus racing is a brand new kind of NFT game that players are sure to love,” said Kozo Yamada, co-CEO and co-founder of Digital Entertainment Asset (DEA), the company that operates PlayMining. “Our games cater largely to working adults and students for whom casual games like Graffiti Racer are a perfect way to enjoy some relaxing entertainment during a busy day.”

“While PlayMining has a strong presence in Japan, we’d love to see more competition in the space, as it would really help drive mainstream awareness of NFT gaming,” said Naohito Yoshida, DEA’s other co-CEO and co-founder. “Our ultimate goal is to build up a global Web3 gaming platform akin to what Nintendo has done in the console gaming market. We are keen to expand our playerbase to gamers from all around the world.”



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