Introducing Monaco Planet, a next-generation SocialFi NFT platform

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5 min readNov 2, 2021

As a rainbow galaxy of nonfungible tokens (NFT) goes supernova across the crypto and blockchain space, GameFi appears to be powering the new unstoppable wave of adoption. But smart players look even further down the road and ask, “what’s next?” and aim to be first to cash in on future opportunities and upside.

Today, a lot of that smart money, including from branded investors such as Three Arrows Capital, is on SocialFi. As a fusion of social and finance, SocialFi aims to deliver benefits and rewards to users through the financialization and tokenization of social influence.

Beyond that, SocialFi could be the answer to the question millions of crypto holders around the world are asking: “If we have massive native communities with economic power, interlinking relationships and seamless communication potential, why don’t we have our own social media?”

Monaco Planet, a next-generation SocialFi platform, aims to be the first to deliver just that with its NFT drop on Nov. 11 and full platform launch on Nov. 28. Having successfully completed its first round of multi-million-dollar financing with Three Arrows Capital and IMO Ventures, the future looks bright on Monaco Planet.

How is Monaco Planet different from traditional social media?

While the SocialFi space initially kicked off in 2017, it lacked the technology, market environment and user volume to be truly sustainable. But this has all changed now, and Monaco Planet is betting big that the time now is ripe. But why now, and what makes Monaco Planet special?

When people talk about their “crypto journey,” it is usually full of wonder and discovery as they plow into the philosophy of decentralization and the benefits of disruptive technology. But for crypto noobs, it can be bewildering and even dangerous with scammers and spammers abound. So, how can new adopters be sure they’re getting accurate information and not getting played?

At the same time, for individuals and project teams who wish to become opinion leaders on their own social accounts, it is hard to attract lots of fans or to stand out in a crowd of thousands of communities.

A truly native crypto and NFT-dedicated social media platform with a high density of fans has not yet been born. And while there are over 100 million wallet addresses in the world and the number of crypto and NFT enthusiasts keeps growing every day, why isn’t there a dedicated public opinion forum and social media platform for crypto communities? As the sun rises on Monaco Planet, this could all change.

Monaco Planet attacks the problem of spammers and scammers by requiring login through wallets like MetaMask. As users showcase their NFT collections on their personal profile page, true influencers can be identified by their level of engagement and dedication. Users who publish and show their own activities can follow verified key opinion leaders (KOL) throughout the community. The platform can also rank users by net worth and influence of their NFTs, fostering organic connections between KOLs and users.

As a SocialFi platform, the ownership and governance of Monaco Planet are determined by the users themselves. By introducing the concept of “write-to-earn,” content creation itself serves as a form of mining. Active content creators and discussion participants on Monaco Planet continuously reap the benefits in the form of the native tokens. The vast majority of native tokens will be distributed to users who generate content, creating a form of mining that is sustainable, inclusive and genuinely productive. Those who want to advertise on the platform can burn tokens to push their posts to the top or broadcast messages to all users.

And as the number of users grows, from tens of thousands to millions and more, the advertising value and consumption increase in kind. Once consumption of native tokens outpaces their output, real deflation is realized.

A true SocialFi platform belongs to its users. Holders of native tokens enjoy the currency appreciation brought by the platform’s growing economic activity. And as the vast majority of currency is distributed to users as rewards for content creation, Monaco Planet functions as a true decentralized autonomous organization, governed by all native token holders who can send in proposals and vote.

What is Yacht NFT?

In order to seed user growth and cultivation, Monaco Planet is issuing 10,000 Yacht NFTs for the first time at

Unlike other avatar-based NFTs, Yacht NFTs are the first NFTs supported by their own native platform. This is the result of the experience and acumen of the entire team, which hails from TikTok, Facebook, Twitter and HSBC’s technical marketing, as well as the in-depth participation of institutions, such as Three Arrow Capital. And as more talent and capital flow into Planet Monaco, the planet expands, growing bigger and stronger.

How does Monaco SocialFi empower NFTs?

As early users of Monaco Planet’s SocialFi platform, NFT holders will be the initial beneficiaries of “content mining.” They will enjoy the first batch of airdrops and act as “mining leads” during the first month of “invitation-only” membership. NFT holders will have exclusive quotas and whitelists for participating in popular projects and the privilege of increased visibility of posts, broadcasting and building groups.

As an exclusive platform page, Monaco Planet KOL100 will feature the “Genesis” KOLs who participate in the platform founding. Whether they’re NFT KOLs, large crypto holders, crypto and NFT project teams or celebrities new to the space, everyone has a home in Monaco.

The minting of Monaco Yacht NFTs will be divided into two segments. The first part features specially designed Yacht models for KOL100 with individually unique perks. They’ll be given directly from the whitelist, one-to-one on opening day. And the founding KOLs will be forever recorded on the Monaco Planet KOL100 platform’s Wall of Fame. In the following few days, Yacht NFTs will open for public minting.

Everyone is welcome to participate in the Monaco KOL 100 project or to actively subscribe to Monaco Yacht NFTs as the first wave of seed users.

Life is full of challenges, but for the citizens of the Planet Monaco metaverse, life could be a dream with your own private yacht to sail off into the sunset.

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