New B2B Virtual World Platform for Work and Play, CubeOasis Launches AR to Earn (A2E)

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3 min readSep 5, 2023


SYDNEY, Australia, Sept. 5, 2023 — CubeOasis, the first AR to Earn (A2E) virtual world platform, is proud to announce the launch of their new virtual space for both work and play. Introducing an unprecedented paradigm shift for businesses that propels them into a 3D virtual space, the dynamic Web3 capabilities of CubeOasis offers an exceptional avenue for enterprises to explore uncharted digital territories and harness newfound opportunities.

CubeOasis: A Window into the Future of Business

CubeOasis introduces the 3D Virtual Space Display that allows enterprises to craft mesmerizing showcases within a virtual landscape, infusing products and services with captivating visual narratives. The platform’s Personalized Management facet enables businesses to mold exclusive exhibits that mirror their distinct brand identities, ushering in a new era of limitless creativity.

CubeOasis stands as the answer to a longstanding market demand, providing a seamless transition for businesses into the Web3 era. Existing solutions have grappled with the challenge of merging virtual and physical realms seamlessly. CubeOasis emerges as the definitive solution — forging connections and creating an interconnected ecosystem that nurtures business growth in this uncharted digital frontier.

At its heart, CubeOasis carries a distinctive value proposition that redefines how businesses interact with customers and partners. Going beyond technology, CubeOasis empowers businesses to unlock their potential, fostering growth, creativity, and profitability within a domain that transcends convention.

CubeOasis extends beyond being a mere platform; it represents a robust ecosystem of possibilities. The introduction of NFT and RWA Transactions ushers in novel trading modes, preserving the uniqueness and value of virtual blocks, thereby captivating investors and collectors. The platform encourages Community Interaction and Creation within its virtual haven, where users can engage in events, collaborations, and creative endeavors unbound by physical constraints. Moreover, CubeOasis remains committed to User Education and Documentation, offering resources that enrich comprehension and optimize the user experience within the virtual block universe.

A Progressive Business Model

CubeOasis thrives on a dynamic, user-centric business model, cultivating avenues for unprecedented growth:

  • Transaction Fees: Nominal charges for virtual block transactions generate consistent revenue, ensuring platform sustainability.
  • Creation Tool Sales: By providing access to creation tools and digital assets for sale, CubeOasis amplifies the design and showcasing of virtual blocks.
  • Virtual Space Rentals: The platform allows for the leasing of display areas within its virtual landscape for personal or commercial use, presenting new avenues of revenue generation.
  • Virtual Events and Competitions: CubeOasis engages users through virtual events and competitions, harnessing revenue from sponsorship and participation fees.

CubeOasis, already a trailblazer, has completed its initial build and now awaits businesses to embark on their exploratory journey. The platform’s OG users have rigorously tested and validated its capabilities, setting the stage for upcoming milestones. CubeOasis’s meticulously laid-out roadmap charts a course toward a future where it redefines the digital business landscape.

Forging Collaborative Alliances

Collaboration lies at the core of CubeOasis’s essence, evident through its strategic partnerships with industry giants, including renowned names like Huawei. The collaboration with Metasurge, an acclaimed agency within the web3 domain, solidifies CubeOasis’s stature as an industry leader.

Extending beyond, the project’s network encompasses influential partnerships with Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs), collectively shaping the trajectory of digital business.

Embrace the Future with CubeOasis

CubeOasis isn’t a mere platform; it’s an evolution. It encapsulates innovation, immersive interactions, and a business landscape unrestrained by conventional norms. CubeOasis bridges contemporary businesses and the future of enterprise, where success finds limitless expression. The journey begins now, and it commences with CubeOasis.

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