New PlayMining GameFi Title Launching: “Rogue Roll Ruler’s”, a Competitive Web3 Board Game

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5 min readSep 13, 2023


The Play-and-Earn (P&E) digital board game Rogue Roll Ruler’s features competitive treasure-hunting gameplay set in a monster-populated dungeon.

SINGAPORE, Sept. 13, 2023 — Digital Entertainment Asset (DEA), a Singapore-based global Web3 entertainment company, has announced the upcoming launch of the new game title “Rogue Roll Ruler’s” on the PlayMining GameFi platform on September 14, 2023. Rogue Roll Ruler’s, which is developed and operated by third-party game developer Cross Games, joins a growing catalog of seven other Play-and-Earn (P&E) games on the PlayMining platform.

“We are proud to partner with Cross Games on this release, which represents PlayMining’s second game launch this summer,” said PlayMining co-founder and co-CEO Kozo Yamada. “In addition to making our own games, DEA actively seeks out other game studios to release new IPs on PlayMining, a thriving GameFi platform which has over 2.7 million users. We support development to assure the highest quality game possible and offer full integration with our DEAPcoin ($DEP) P&E token, PlayMining NFT marketplace, and the PlayMining Verse metaverse.”

Rogue Roll Ruler’s, like all PlayMining P&E games, will allow players to earn DEP tokens through gameplay. DEP can be spent on the PlayMining NFT marketplace, and can also be traded on popular cryptocurrency exchanges including OKX, Uniswap,, Bitrue and Bitmart.

Rogue Roll Ruler’s: Race Through the Dungeon to Claim Your Prize

The new PlayMining game Rogue Roll Ruler’s is a dice-based digital board game with a dungeon exploration setting. Players roll dice to race across the board faster than their opponents, battling monsters and avoiding obstacles along the way with the goal of being the first to claim treasures dotted across the map.

To increase their chances of a successful dungeon delve, players can form a party of adventurers, which are represented by character NFTs. These adventurers can also be outfitted with equipment to make them stronger. Rare equipment can be found in the dungeons and converted to NFTs, which players can keep to use for themselves or trade on the PlayMining NFT marketplace.

“NFTs in Rogue Roll Ruler’s are in limited supply, which adds to the competitive tone of the game,” said Cross Games representative Yasushi Kameya. “Dice rolls add a bit of randomness to how quickly each player can progress through the dungeon, but the party’s skills and equipment also have an impact that can’t be ignored. This opens up a wide range of strategic options for players to explore.”

There are four ways for players to earn DEP in the game: by clearing a dungeon stage, defeating a monster, opening a treasure chest and collecting rewards from special events. As each dungeon map contains only a limited number of monsters and treasure chests, the players who move across the game board the most efficiently will reap the greatest rewards.

A Growing Platform for Casual P&E Games

PlayMining already has a very healthy P&E ecosystem — scholars have earned over US$4.7 million from the platform’s flagship game JobTribes since December 2021. Other games in the company’s GameFi catalog include Menya Dragon Ramen, Cookin’ Burger, Lucky Farmer, Graffiti Racer, Lost Archive + and the trial version of their newest blockbuster SOUL Fusers. All of the games feature casual playstyles and integrate utility NFTs available on PlayMining’s marketplace. Some games also have other tie-in content, such as a comic book in development for SOUL Fusers.

The platform also includes one metaverse project called Kamui Fujiwara Verse, in which manga fans are able to collaborate with famed Japanese manga artist Fujiwara Kamui on an evolving comic book series. In addition, the PlaysiaTV video streaming service features pro league soccer matches, documentaries and interviews that allow viewers to “Watch and Earn”.

DEA is always on the lookout for interesting third-party game concepts to release on PlayMining. The company is especially interested in projects that promote social good, and is keen to apply P&E gamification in very innovative ways to help realize this vision. For example, they are collaborating on two different video games that use P&E incentives to help alleviate real-world labor shortages in waste management and public infrastructure maintenance.

“The video game industry is incredibly competitive and it can be very hard for smaller game companies to succeed, especially when launching a new IP. The big distribution channels such as Apple, Nintendo, Sony, and so on all take a 30% cut of revenue, on average, which doesn’t leave much left for the developers,” Yamada said. “We offer much fairer fees on PlayMining, including on our NFT market — in fact, we’ve paid out over US$9 million in NFT royalties over the last two years. DEA is dedicated to working with our partners to build success together.”

Companies that are interested in launching a new game on PlayMining as a third-party developer can contact DEA via the following link:

About Digital Entertainment Asset

Digital Entertainment Asset Pte. Ltd. (DEA) is a Singapore-based global Web3 entertainment company founded in August 2018. DEA is a developer of Play-to-Earn (P2E) games — also referred to as Play-and-Earn (P&E) games. DEA also operates the PlayMining gamefi platform, NFT marketplace and ‘Verse’ metaverse project as well as DEAPcoin ($DEP) — the first P&E token approved by the Financial Service Agency (FSA) of Japan. The team is headed by two co-CEOs — Naohito Yoshida and Kozo Yamada — who together bring decades of experience in founding successful startups (with 3 IPOs), creating hit video games, producing Web TV programs and displaying a deep understanding of NFT gaming.

About PlayMining

PlayMining is a GameFi and metaverse platform that empowers creators who would otherwise benefit very little in the traditional IP creation industry. The PlayMining platform is a new business model for content creation, featuring an NFT Marketplace powered by the PlayMining DEAPcoin ($DEP), paired with an NFT gaming and Metaverse platform. Featuring both in-house games as well as third-party projects with their own native tokens that allow creators to capture much of the value they create, the PlayMining platform has 2.7 million users and a catalog of P&E game titles including Job Tribes, Cookin’ Burger, Menya Dragon Ramen, Graffiti Racer, Lucky Farmer, Lost Archive +, Rogue Roll Ruler’s and SOUL Fusers, as well as the metaverse project Fujiwara Kamui Verse.

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About Cross Games, Inc.

Cross Games is a Tokyo-based game development company that has released over 30 games since their launch in 2006. Their mission is to connect people and games, providing quality assurance through game development.