RFOX GAMES Head of BD Talks Marvelous NFTs Partnership, Atomichub KOGS and Getting on Binance Smart Chain

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3 min readJun 29, 2021

Q. Please introduce yourself to our audience, thanks.

I’m Phil Cahiwat, the head of business development for RFOX GAMES. I’m in charge of handling partnerships for the company.

Q. Congratulations on your latest partnership with MarvelousNFTs! This partnership is ticking all the right buzzwords like ‘NFTs’ and Marvel superheroes. How did this partnership manage to come about?

Serendipity, really. RFOX GAMES and Marvelous NFTs have both launched collections on Atomichub. We also happen to use the same legal firm. Our lawyers made a quick introduction and here we are. Here at RFOX GAMES, we are all huge comic book fans, from the top down. The Bad Days webtoon was very popular in the office long before the partnership and you don’t have to ask us twice to work with a Stan Lee property.

Q. What can you tell us about these limited edition KOGS NFTs and also please elaborate on the concept of KOGS.

KOGS are a top selling NFT collectible on Atomichub. It’s a reinvention of the 90’s schoolyard classic, Pogs and Tazos, built on blockchain tech. Not only are they collectible but they are playable in our games as well. Slam, the first of these games, is currently in closed beta. The Bad Days Special Edition will be our first release with a partner. The Bad Days character’s quirky style fits KOGS perfectly.

Q. And BAD DAYS KOGS will be on Binance Smart Chain, yes? Can you give us more details?

Yes. Another first for us. The goal for KOGS has always been interoperability and mass adoption. Working with BSC exposes us to a whole new audience and gives us the opportunity to prove interoperability.

Q. Gaming and investing have become two sides of the same coin with NFTs. Do you see this as inevitable in gaming?

My background is as a cofounder of MMO publisher, Level Up!. It’s never been officially condoned, but financial gain has always been a facet of online MMOs. Every MMO has a grey market where players sell items, in-game currency and services, but they have to use back channels to transact. NFTs put the power back in the player’s hand and now they can transact openly and freely. From here on out, developers will have to consider how NFTs fit into their strategy or be left behind.

Q. What other trends do you see developing in this industry?

The current trend seems to be focused on collectibles without any real utility. It’s largely based on speculation. But we are starting to see two big trends emerge as more game companies get into the NFT space. The first is utility. Game companies like ours are building apps and worlds that give their NFTs functionality. Axies Fight, F1 Delta Time Cars Race and KOGS Slam, all for rewards. In turn, that functionality has given rise to the concept of play-to-earn and the leisure economy. Here in Southeast Asia, these rewards and assets have provided significant income to the players.

Q. Thanks for this interview, any last words?

I invite you to learn more about KOGS and the Bad Days Special Edition launch by signing up to our newsletter at Kogs.gg. Also check out our community on Discord so you can hear from the players and collectors themselves.

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